• Scott® Pro Scottfold Multifold Paper Towels (01980) with Fast-Drying Absorbency Pockets, White, 25 Packs / Case, 175 Trifold Towels / Pack, 4,375 Towels / Case - 01980

Scott® Pro Scottfold Towels

  • Pro
  • Product Code#01980
Color White
Fold Type ScottFold
Unit Size 9.4” x 12.4”
Units Per Case 25
  • FSC
  • EPA
  • Eco Logo

Size (WxL) and Unit Quantity

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    Scott® Pro provides state of the art solutions to maximize productivity. Make wasted paper towels a thing of the past with Scott® Pro Scottfold Paper Towels. Their unique fold is designed for true one-at-a-time dispensing, every time. They reduce tabbing, tearing and multiple dispensing, which results in less waste – which is always good for your business’ bottom line. Plus, since they unfold slightly as they dispense, so your guests will know that they’re big enough to get the drying job done – with just one commercial paper towel. Scott® Pro Scottfold Bulk Paper Towels feature Absorbency Pockets with fast-drying ridges for excellent absorbency and hand drying performance. These smartly designed paper towels fit with most universal folded towel dispensers. They are an excellent value, with a guarantee to be cost neutral (versus C-fold towels). Scott® Pro Scottfold towels are a smart choice for your business!

    • 4,375 paper towels per case; 175 towels per pack; 25 packs per case
    • Scott® Pro Scottfold paper towels feature a patented fold that eliminates tearing and tabbing, so your guests and employees will waste less; They unfold to a generous 9.2” x 12.4”
    • The white paper disposable hand towels feature exclusive Absorbency Pockets for better absorbency
    • Hygienic, touchless dispensing with most universal folded towel dispensers: only touch the drying towel you use
    • The Scott® Pro Brand guarantees these multifold paper towels will be cost-neutral (vs. C-fold towels)
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  • Specifications


    Brand Scott®
    Sub Brand Pro
    Unit Size 9.4” x 12.4”
    Color White
    COUNTRY OF ORIGIN United States
    Fold Type ScottFold
    Certifications FSC EPA Eco Logo
    GTIN 10036000019800
    Material Number 100198003
    Quantity Per Case 4375
    Quantity Per Case UOM Sheets / Case
    Quantity Per Unit 175
    Quantity Per Unit UOM Sheets / Pack


    Units Per Case 25
    Unit Size 9.4” x 12.4”

    Shipping Data

    Units Per Case 25
    Quantity Per Case 4375
    Quantity Per Case UOM Sheets / Case
    Quantity Per Unit 175
    Quantity Per Unit UOM Sheets / Pack
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    Very few locations within a facility impact satisfaction as much as the restroom. A negative experience can have a truly damaging effect on your reputation. Scott®, one of the world’s most recognized restroom brands, offers solutions designed to help you increase productivity, enhance your image, and improve employee, patient and guest satisfaction.

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