Scott® Pro Automatic Hard Roll Towel Dispenser Module

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Power Source Electronic
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    This electronic Automatic dispenser module fits the Scott® Pro Electronic Hard Roll Paper Towel Dispenser System (for Grey Core Scott® Pro Roll towels). This is the internal module only. The Scott® Pro Automatic Hard Roll Paper Towel Dispenser System is designed to take hand hygiene to another level. The Scott® Pro Dispenser Systems have innovative internal dispensing modules that plug and play to customize it to meet your needs. It provides electronic motion-activated dispensing with the option for an unexposed sheet, which helps keep paper towels clean (popular with healthcare environments). The Automatic Dispenser is 99.99% jam free - guaranteed, so you can count on its reliable, touchless operation. It dispenses a single sheet with each activation and is compatible with Scott® Pro towels with Grey Core plugs plus the stub roll. Plus the Scott® Pro Automatic Hard Roll Towel offers the quietest electric roll towel dispenser on the market. Scott® Pro Automatic Hard Roll Paper Towel Dispenser System combines touchless technology with the bacteria-reducing benefits of drying with paper towels, supporting and promoting better hand and surface hygiene.

    • The internal dispenser for the Scott®Pro Automatic Hard Roll Paper Towel Dispenser (for Grey Core Scott®Pro Roll towels)
    • Holds one 8" diameter roll of Grey Core Scott® Pro Hard Roll Towel plus stub roll
    • Electronically dispenses 150,000 10” towels on four D-size alkaline batteries or an AC adapter
    • Quietest automatic roll towel dispenser on the market
    • When installed properly and used with corresponding product, this dispenser meets ADA Standard 28 CFR Part 36, local rules may vary.
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    Brand Scott®
    Sub Brand Pro
    Options 3 Core Colors available
    Power Source Electronic
    GTIN 10036000343790
    Material Number 103437908


    Units Per Case 1

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    Units Per Case 1
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    Very few locations within a facility impact satisfaction as much as the restroom. A negative experience can have a truly damaging effect on your reputation. Scott®, one of the world’s most recognized restroom brands, offers solutions designed to help you increase productivity, enhance your image, and improve employee, patient and guest satisfaction.

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