How to See Dispenser in Your Space

1. Position Dispenser
Aim and slowly move smartphone camera along the wall where you want to attach dispenser. (TIP: Avoid mirrors, windows and totally blank walls.)
2. Adjust Placement
Tap then hold as you move the camera.
3. Explore Product (Limited to iPhone)
Select “Open Cover” to see inside the dispenser. Select a color button to customize dispenser finish. Select “Show Measurements” to view dispenser size.
Scan QR Code with your IoS or Android phone camera to see 3D image of dispenser on your wall.
  • Scott® Essential Manual Hard Roll Towel Dispenser - 46254
Scan QR Code with your IoS or Android phone camera to see 3D image of dispenser on your wall.

Scott® Essential System Hard Roll Towel Dispenser

  • Essential
  • Product Code#46254
Power Source Manual
Color White
Brand Scott®



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  • Product Overview & Guides

    Scott®Essential provides reliable balance of efficiency, performance and value. You have more important things to worry about than paper towels, so you can trust the Scott®Essential Towel Dispenser System. As the first Scott®Essential branded system, it’s a simple solution to keep you moving in a hectic, fast-paced world. The manual paper towel dispenser (battery-free) offers one of the fastest roll change times on the market – up to seven days a year in labor savings ). The dispenser is also available in electronic. The cover is durable, shatter-proof and transparent cover, so you can check supply levels without opening the dispenser. It’s ADA compliant when properly installed and when using the recommended paper towels. The Scott®Essential Towel Dispenser System is backed by a lifetime warranty and is designed to save you time and money, while reducing service disruptions and user complaints. It takes the worry out of paper towel dispensing, so you can focus on more important things.

    • 1 Scott®Essential Towel Dispenser; White; Measures 12.63" x 16.13" x 10.2"
    • Offers one of the fastest roll changes times around, saving you time and money
    • Keyless entry or key-activated spring lock, emergency feed knob, stub roll feature to minimize waste
    • Hygienic touchless dispensing and battery-free; Lifetime warranty for end-user accounts
    • Compatible with 02001 Scott®Essential Hard Roll Paper Towels, which include unique Absorbency Pockets (1.75" core)
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    Very few locations within a facility impact satisfaction as much as the restroom. A negative experience can have a truly damaging effect on your reputation. Scott®, one of the world’s most recognized restroom brands, offers solutions designed to help you increase productivity, enhance your image, and improve employee, patient and guest satisfaction.

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