• Kimberly-Clark Professional™ MOD* Universal Folded Towel Dispenser - 39710

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Universal Folded Towel Dispenser

  • Product Code#39710
Color Stainless
Brand Kimberly-Clark Professional™



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    When you’re ready to install a stylish, reliable paper towel dispenser, choose the MOD Universal Paper Towel Dispenser from Kimberly-Clark Professional. It dispenses single sheets without the need to touch the dispenser, helping reduce cross-contamination and the spread of germs. Guests only need to touch the paper towel they use. The dispenser features a unique overfill prevention feature, which makes refilling easy and helps prevent jams and eliminate waste. It has a sleek and contemporary design, with easy view side panels, so you know when you need to refill. The dispenser system can be used with Kleenex® and Scott®Multi-Fold and C-Fold paper towels. When installed properly and when using the recommended product, the dispenser meets the ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

    • 1 MOD Universal Paper Towel Dispenser System / Case; Faux Stainless; Measures 13.69" x 5.52" x 18.8"
    • The MOD Folded Paper Towel Dispenser is designed for hygiene: guests only touch the towel they use to minimize the spread of germs
    • Can accommodate multiple clips of Scottfold, M-Fold or C-Fold towels from the Kleenex® and Scott®Brands (sold separately)
    • Features key-activated spring lock or push-button operation and a hinged front cover
    • The dispenser is ADA compliant when installed properly and when using recommended paper towels
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